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Why does a high school student need help with college planning?


Attending a good and competitive high school does not guarantee admission to a good college.


The entire college application process is complex and a very competitive terrain. It requires understanding of the continuously changing landscape of college admission requirements, strength of curriculum, targeted mix of academic enrichment and extracurricular activities, and strategic planning to apply to the right set of colleges based on the desired choice of major.  The application process in the senior year is very tedious with serious need for attention to details and execution in a very tight schedule. There are innumerable details that need to be understood to ensure that proper thought and effort has been made to get the desired outcome.


Most parents and students need to have a coach to guide, educate, and help reduce the stress of the entire process and to ensure that your child has that edge to get into a good college. Prestige College Planning will help you through this process.


Why hire Prestige College Planning?


Prestige College Planning believes in a holistic approach to college planning, working with parents and the student providing highly individualized, prompt, professional, and high quality of service with the sole goal to help the student achieve his or her full potential.  Prestige has a track record and experience of guiding students in grades 9-12.


Prestige works individually with each student guiding them to navigate the entire college planning and application process. Prestige also educates the parents and the student about the changing landscape of college admissions.


What is the right time to start?


There is no such thing as being too early or too late to start college planning.  As colleges are becoming more selective each year, having an edge in the process will help you in the process. All parents who wish to send their child to college need to be educated and well informed about the process.  High school students from freshmen to seniors need guidance and help at the various stages of the college planning and preparation process.


Can parents be involved in the process?


Yes, parents can be involved in the process. Prestige will also help educate parents regarding the college application process including financial planning for college.


What is a balanced right fit college list?


There are over 2800 4-year colleges in the US. Prestige College Planning works with the student to create the right fit list of colleges to which he or she will apply (safety, target, and reach schools). The following is an explanation of the terms:


Safety school - A safety school is one where your academic credentials fall above the school's range for the average freshman.

Target school - A target/match school is one where your academic credentials fall well within (or even exceed) the school's range for the average freshman.

Reach school - A reach school is one where your academic credentials fall below the school's range for the average freshman.


What about financial aid?


Prestige College Planning conducts a workshop on financial aid to help you navigate the process. The workshop explains the types of aid available (grants, scholarships, loans, employment) and provides guidance to fill out the finanacial aid forms (FAFSA and the CSS Profile).

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