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We provide personalized guidance for the college application process using a holistic approach. We work individually with each student. Our mission is to help students achieve their full potential. Review the Prestige College Planning Success pyramid to understand our strategy ...



Veena Das is an accomplished and experienced education consultant working with high school students in the Bay Area pursuing her true passion to help students achieve their full potential. She participates in several conferences and seminars each year to stay on top of the changing landscape ...



Contact Prestige College Planning for a free hour-long information session. It contains information and data about college admission statistics for the last few years, details of the entire college application process, and the services that we provide ...


The college admission process is getting increasingly competitive and challenging every year. Colleges are receiving a record number of applications from US and international students.


There are many myths and misconceptions of college admissions that makes it daunting for students and parents. It is a myth to think that if your child is attending a good high school that he or she is on track to get admission to a good college. Attending a good school and having friends as advisors and groupthink does not guarantee admission to a good college. The college application process is an extremely competitive, stressful, complex, and confusing process. Requirements for admission to colleges change continuously. The student needs to take all measures to have an edge and stand out from the other applicants.


Highly selective universities require more than a good GPA and high-standardized test scores. Colleges are looking for students that have demonstrated leadership qualities, commitment, passion, intellectual curiosity, creativity, and personal growth. These qualities have to be demonstrated in the college application.

The solution is to start the process early. College readiness starts early in high school. Creating a strategy with strength of academic curriculum aligned with career interests, the right balance of targeted extracurricular activities, and summer programs will greatly increase your chances of getting admission into your top choice universities.

Prestige College Planning provides a highly individualized and holistic approach to the college application process and will guide the student and the parents through every step of the process. The individualized strategic plan provided by Prestige with proper goal setting combined with constant engagement during the school year will help your son or daughter gain the much needed edge to get admission into colleges that are a right fit for the student. 

"Our son has been receiving college planning advice from Mrs. Das for the last 2 years. 


Mrs. Das has been tremendously helpful in helping us navigate college planning. We knew that it was important to take challenging courses and get good grades in them but Mrs. Das helped us understand the importance of many other things that count towards putting together a good college application (summer, volunteering and extracurricular activities to name a few). Mrs. Das is the most organized person I have ever met. Due to COVID-19, this year was full of changes in the admissions process at various universities. Mrs. Das kept us informed about the changes and gave us precise instructions on what had to be done for each college that our son was applying to. Without her help, we would have been very stressed out trying to keep up with the changes.


Finally, my son received invaluable guidance on the structure and content of his college essays from Mrs. Das and her team. Through that help, each essay was focused on answering the college prompt directly and really brought out the uniqueness of our son in a crisp manner. We are extremely grateful for Mrs. Das’s college planning advice."


Sumeet, parent of senior, San Ramon, CA

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